Get back to these basics and your brand will build itself.

Most marketing agencies are driven by people who have come out of large corporates. Unfortunately, by the time they finish their corporate marketing career, the only thing they have direct influence over is brand-building. All the executional stuff – the content and the brochures – is handled by their marketing teams. So when they move to a consultancy, their focus is brand.

The problem is, brand building isn’t what SMBs need. You need your marketer to get back to the drawing board and create market activity. You need content written, brochures created, TV ads made. This is a problem for the marketing consultants, because it is so long since they have actually done anything like that.

The result is a myth that lots of senior marketing people hope you will believe: that you need to spend all your time and a lot of budget building your brand. Actually, you really just need to focus on creating content and get some executional material done. As long as you are guided by a simple strategy, your brand will take care of itself. It will begin building on its own.

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