Jesus had 12 disciples for a reason. 12 is the ideal number for tracking complexity without getting complicated. Here are the 12 disciplines ambitious SMBs need to master:


  • Our Brand is Preferred
  • Our Market Position is: Leader
  • Our Marketing is Relevant, Engaging and Integrated
  • Our Digital IQ is high


  • Our Understanding of Our Customers is Clear and Detailed
  • Our Customer Engagement is Outstanding


  • Our Ideas are Fresh: We Are Thought Leaders
  • Our Products and Services are Targeted and Continuously Improving
  • Our Prices are Optimal


  • Our Sales are Strong
  • Our Customers are Profitable for Us
  • Our ROI is Positive and Measurable

Don’t be intimidated. You can do this by analysing where you stand in each discipline, then making simple clear plans to raise standards and fill gaps. Dividing your business challenges into these 12 disciplines makes mastery manageable.

As a brand, we have had more success with clients in laying this foundational work down correctly, than in any other area of our work. Our own IP, developed by our top people, delivers outstanding success to clients.

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