We asked our top-tier specialists for their key data-driven insights for 2019. Here are the top three priorities for SMB success in 2019.

  1. Create and simplify your value proposition

Make it strong. Keep it simple. Make your purpose clear. Play on your strengths. Message your simple proposition consistently, spending your marketing dollars on the right mediums in the right market.

  2. Market when business is good

Far too often, SMBs neglect their marketing in boom times, then pay for it when things slow down. The lifeblood of an SMB is your lead-generation metrics, such as: number of leads, cost per lead and conversions to sales. Busy or quiet, these must be consistently managed.

If you are too busy to market, simplify your lead machine. Create simple marketing structures and focus on no more than 2-3 marketing channels.

 3. Retain and value people

Attract and retain people who will consistently perform well. Recognise and nurture valuable employees. If you don’t develop and affirm good people, someone else will.

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