It is very important to be true to your own motivations for being in business. Three main personality types drive SMBs. Which are you? Find out and follow the road that’s right for you.

The popular view is that people start and run businesses because they want to build an empire.

Actually, only about 1-in-4 SMB owners are focused on growth.

If that’s you, your growth ultimately depends on being able to let go enough to trust a staff of seasoned professionals to direct key aspects of your expansion.

Another quarter of SMB owners are pursuing their passion.

Their business is simply a vessel for their expertise or art form. Here too, there must eventually be a willingness to surrender some control to those who are experts in administering an enterprise – leaving you to focus on doing what you love.

The largest group – about half – are those whose eyes are really on their lifestyle.

They want to create a money machine that supports their aspirations. So often, though, the grind of doing it all themselves actually takes the joy out of the life they want to enhance.

All three groups face a similar challenge: being prepared to hand off some degree of control, so talented staff can help them achieve your goals.

Control is hard to relinquish, because it feels like freedom. Even if a business owner hasn’t had a holiday in years, they still feel free, because no-one can tell them what to do.

Here’s how to keep real freedom while achieving your goals: create a clear and precise map to your objectives, so when you hand responsibility to others, you never feel like you’ve lost control.

SSG calls that mapping process a Discovery Roadmap. Call us about it – it’s a route worth taking, because it puts you on the right road to your kind of success.

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