82% of buyers want to hear from sellers. Don’t make them wait.

“I wish I had a dollar for every time a salesperson tells me prospecting is dead or even cold calling is so 20th century. Actually, I do get a dollar for every time we prove them wrong and show them how!”

Buyers still want to hear from sellers – and meet them too. Research shows that to have a healthy sales pipeline, salespeople must still prospect and proactively make contact. 82% is a lot of buyers who want to hear from you … and they want to hear early.

They want it to be quality time, though. 58% say their sales meetings are of no value. That’s not the buyers’ fault. But when a buyer DOES get value from your meeting, your chances of a sale are greatly enhanced.

Because of so many unproductive meetings, buyers rigorously defend their calendars. But they do believe that an insightful seller can reveal benefits and capabilities that they can’t get from their online research. Buyers want to believe in you. You control a lot of the levers that will get you onto a buyer’s calendar.

Cold calling isn’t dead. There are other tactics today to keep it company, but nothing replaces getting on the phone and telling a buyer why they should see you in person.

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