Marketing strategy, check. Product strategy, check. Finance strategy, check. But Sales? Does sales need a strategy? It does, but it rarely gets the strategic attention it deserves. That is why sales stall.

Your marketing may get you seen, but you don’t make real profits until you are strategic about: 1) getting new customers, 2) building your existing customer relationships, and 3) selling more stuff. Sales needs strategy.

Here is a scenario that Strategic Specialists encounters very often in the Discovery Roadmap process with clients. SSG will ask: “how is your sales team deployed?” The answer might be: “one guy in Sydney, one in Victoria, one in Queensland.” So SSG asks, “where is your main sales opportunity?” “Definitely Queensland.”

The logical response to that sales reality might be to move a second person to Queensland, but it is uncommon to see businesses think even vaguely strategically about their sales like that.

This is where Strategic Specialists Sales Directors start to see red and transform Hulk-like into a disruptive agitator for SMBs. “This is one of my real bugbears in business,” they say. “People have business strategies, they have cashflow strategies, forecasting, marketing strategies, but they just do not know how to develop a sales strategy. What gets me is that people don’t realise that sales is built around a strategy too.”

“Sales do not spring automatically from all your other strategies. So there is a total lack of proper resourcing and proper thinking about ‘what sort of sales structure do we need?’ But we have a process for that. We develop a sales strategy, then we execute that strategy. Sales strategy is the missing piece that is proving to be definitely one of the most transformational things our clients can do for their business.” Make sure you have one.

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