Here’s a business acronym for you: ABC. Anything But Consultants. There is a lot of buyer’s remorse from SMBs who have used consultants – particularly marketing and digital agencies – who refuse to help deliver on their expensive ideas.

Here is the break-up scene from many of these consultancy relationships. The consultant enters from stage right, carrying a huge project document, with a massive invoice stapled right on top.

Client: This looks great, but who is going to implement and execute it all?

Consultant, shaking head: Well, not us. That’s not what we do.

Client: Well, can you help us do anything?

Consultant: No, no, no. We’ve done all that we do. You need to find someone else to execute. Bye.

Exit consultant, flicking through a banking app.

The ABC attitude – Anything But Consultants – is booming because consultants just turn out strategy pieces that are often not strategies at all … and which they will not lift a finger to help deliver. And their clients, the hard-pressed SMBs, simply don’t have the bandwidth to apply this new thinking while keeping their business up and running.

There is a lot of pain in all the unfulfilled promises printed on the pages of consultants’ strategy pieces. The answer to your bandwidth bottleneck is to find an impartial partner who will put those new ideas into action, who will sort out your problems with agencies, your financial controller, your bookkeeping or anything else that is holding you back from the dream of growth that sent you in search of consultants in the first place. Find a partner who will do the one thing consultants don’t do: roll up their sleeves and deliver.

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