You may be the Boss, but you really need to be the Sales Boss. Customers need to see you. This is one of the biggest pain points SMB owners and leaders face. They have so much to do, it can be hard to prioritise getting out in front of the customer to close deals. But being invisible means being forgotten.

At the SMB scale, businesses are just not noticed. They offer great services and wonderful stories, but nobody knows about them. They are invisible.

One of the best answers to SMB invisibility is being the Sales Boss. You may not be able to out-market major corporates – but how many large enterprises can send the top boss in to close the sale?

Michael Butler, MD of Strategic Specialists, sees this all the time, especially after he puts the blowtorch to SMB owners and leaders, telling them they need to get out more. When they do, their impact can be incredible. “We had just finished a Discovery Roadmap with a client, and before we presented the Playbook to him, he told me ‘I have to go out and close this deal’. He was a bit nervous about it – it was big. He went out and he closed a $1.6 million piece of business.” He did that by being the visible Sales Boss.

Another SSG client responded to the Butler blowtorch by putting somebody else in charge of operations, so he could get back out on the road. He called Michael to tell him he had closed a $6 million deal that day.

Being visible doesn’t mean being on social media or communicating from behind a desk. It means being right in front of your customers. So how often are you out there?

We think probably not enough

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