Scott Deane wanted “a very, very definitive marketing strategy.” What he got was, “a slap in the face. It was exactly what we needed.”

Scott’s consultant from Strategic Specialists identified a problem common to many ambitious SMBs led by passionate people.

“She was very honest,” Scott says. “She said, I talked to everyone in your business, but I don’t understand what you do.”

“She told us what our prospects were struggling with. We knew what we do. We thought we were marketing that message. But as an independent expert she said it doesn’t actually come through in your marketing material.”

“Ultimately,” says Scott, “the report we got back clearly identified and articulated things that we should do now, three months, six months down the track. Our marketing manager has a clear blueprint. We are just rapt.”

“The beauty of having experts in your business – they are not here full-time, they are here on a part-time basis – I cannot recommend it enough. It was a good choice. I’m really, really glad we made it.”

This is a fundamental insider tip: get an outsider’s perspective.

See how clear Scott’s proposition is now, at Learning Seat. Hear about his breakthrough experience here or gain that clarity for yourself with Strategic Specialists.

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