Successful SMBs get a lot of marketing right, but a key area is neglected.

Many SMBs owners and leaders believe effective marketing only works for big businesses, because of the sheer cost and scale. However, successful SMBs are getting a lot right: Pricing, Sales and Distribution channels, Packaging, Product.

One key area is being missed: Promotion, in terms of brand awareness, lead generation and sales activation.

Why are these neglected? SMBs may believe they are out of reach, or even ‘not relevant’. But they are the lifeblood of business. The fact is, you can achieve simple and effective marketing promotion.

This is what promotion gets you: you can reduce your cost of earning revenue, or you get to increase your market share or sales. Or all of those things.

Marketing is not just for big business. In your own way, you can have all the benefits that motivate majors to do so much marketing.

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