True sales confession:

“Never getting out doing face-to-face calls. There’s always an excuse to stay back.”

For Sales Manager Max Grace, it was time to get out more.

“I recently attended a Sales Director Centre workshop and that really helped me to see the need to get out on these face-to-face visits. That is where the growth is going to occur.”

“They pointed out some very alarming things, such as the cost of one sales visit. The more you do, the more the cost goes down.”

That’s the breakthrough that ambitious SMBs need. Most give up after a visit or two, but if you keep going back, understanding objections, being clear on your offer, you will break through – but it happens in person, face-to-face.

“I’ve recognised the need to get out. I’m now doing twenty face-to-face calls a week… as oppose to zero.”

Watch the true sales confession of Max Grace from Autosafe Industries here.


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