Month by month, this is how a part-time CFO can be your game-changer for breakthrough growth.

Month 1 is intense. Looking. Learning. Meeting teams. Listening to customers. Evaluating your capital and funding. Productivity. Operations. Stock control. Reporting back, your CFO gives you and your board the clearest view you’ve ever had of your critical financial ratios. Together you set better targets.

Month 2 brings vital change. You don’t keep growing by doing what you’ve always done, so your CFO will disrupt as much as feasible. For your staff, change is easier to take from the fresh set of eyes of a new CFO.

Your CFO will train the team on the kinds of reports they need to produce, so the management or/and board can see that all key metrics, KPIs and targets are being achieved.

Month 3, you’re poised for breakthrough. Your CFO can cut back to a day or even half a day a week: advising the Directors, managing reports, keeping teams on target, with a monthly report to the Directors or management team.

Now you have a new rhythm and new growth. But there may be speed limits, if your financial structure struggles to cope. Your CFO can find new sources of funding to match your growing, bigger business.

A part-time CFO is the best thing you can do for your SMB. You get all the strategic help of a full-time CFO, for a fraction of the cost – an investment that pays for itself in faster growth and higher profitability.

Find out more about the CFOs you could engage here.

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