You are time poor. You run your business lean. You minimise all costs, so you are always understaffed. Margins are tight. Profitability is a challenge. You wear too many hats.

Of course you want better margins, higher profits and more success, but you don’t have time to find the right answers.

So find the right question.

By focussing on the right question for your business, you will find the right ways to deploy your resources. Find your question, ask it, then answer it with a well-articulated vision or strategic plan:

  • clear goals and milestones
  • sales plan
  • marketing plan
  • operational plan

Without the right question, you will lack direction in decision-making and you will fail to effectively drive and manage your business performance.

How do you find the right question? Run the SSG Discovery Roadmap process.

Watch these video testimonies of what a huge breakthrough SMB owners have made by finding and asking the right question, through the Discovery Roadmap.

In our own case, the one pivotal, simplifying question for Strategic Specialists Group turned out to be:

How can SSG deliver a simple, strong value proposition…

and strengthen its core (process and resource prioritisation)…

in order to deliver our target revenue…

and be the preferred choice of SMBs to scale their business?

By looking at your own business successes, challenges and complications, you can drive your own pivotal question about your business. Asking and answering this one question will drive you in your best direction and keep your strategy on track.

If you answer a good question, you will get a great result. If you answer the right question, your results will be incredible.

Ask us now how to find the right question to propel your business forward into 2019 and the 2020s – the decade of breakthrough for Australian SMBs.


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